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Me-Mover Fit

How should I test drive my assembled Me-Mover FIT?

When starting to ride - take it easy. Starting on ground level, check all functions. Do check thoroughly the front and rear brakes and check whether the transmissions are securely and tightly fitted. Do not lean backwards or jump with the Me-Mover. You can also check out our instructional video.

What is the correct tire pressure for my Me-Mover FIT?

Pump the tyres to 5 bars or 72 psi (pounds per square inch) for best performance and riding experience.

Which side should I mount the left or right brake?

The front brake goes to the left side, and the rear brake goes to the right-hand side.

I have some scratches on my Me-Mover FIT. What should I do?

As we have test assembled all Me-Movers, there will be slight scratch marks on the folding mechanism because it has been tuned to be tight and well fitting. Due to the very tight tolerances this is necessary.

If there are other scratchmarks on parts that are visible when assembled together, it is a fault, and you should report this to us, with images and detailed written description. Write to support@me-mover.com.au in this case and we will help you with utmost care.

How good is the Me-Mover FIT quality?

The quality is really high. The Me-Mover FIT is produced in China by a company delivering high end products to Japan and Europe. When you ride your Me-Mover, you will find the quality impeccable and made in very high standards. All aluminium is T6, hardened in high quality.

How to fold the Me-Mover FIT properly?

Watch an instructional video

To fold, remove safety pin. Then you will need to lock/apply the front brake, push the steering column forward with some force (using the shoulder). This will move the locking pin upwards and make it possible to move - then you can release the locking bolt. Without pushing the steering column, the locking bolt should be tight and can't be pulled out. It should not be possible to tighten the bolt so much that it cannot fold.

I cannot connect the frame to steering column. What to do?

Click here to watch an instructional video.

The bolt connecting the frame to the front column can be a little tight to fit. Try moving it in while rocking the frame lightly. If it gets stuck, turn it with the allen key and push inward until it fetches the thread of the other side.

Product Information

Can I change my order (i.e. colors?)

Depending if you order has shipped a colour change might still be possible but cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I order a Me-Mover?

You can order the Me-Mover FIT 2.0 on our shop online!

Will my Me-Mover be supplied with reflectors, light etc.?

The Me-Mover is supplied with reflectors, but not lights.

What are the weight limitations of the rider?

Minimum weight is 30kg. Maximum weight is 100kg.

How do the foot straps work? Are they easy to get on/off?

We have used a lot of effort and tests to develop a simple, yet functional and safe footstrap. The foot strap is easily adjusted with an adjustment screw, and is open on one side so you can easily hop off your Me-Mover in a sticky situation.

How can I lock the Me-Mover?

We have designed a specific loop in the centerblock for the lock, where you can use an ordinary cable-lock for bicycles and lock it to a fixed object.

How easy it is to fold a Me Mover?

The Me-Mover has a very simple folding mechanism that takes just a few seconds to fold! Watch the instructional video

How difficult is the stepping on this vehicle?

While easy to learn, the Me-Mover is an exercise tool, so some effort is required to power it. You can choose your own speed, from walking speeds up to cycling speeds.

How much does the Me-Mover weigh? Can it be used to carry other items (shopping goods)?

The Me-Mover weighs around 23 kg, where 60% of the weight is in the transmission / pedal arms.

We sell a light-weight front rack that can carry a load of up to 15kg.

Maintenence / Repairs

How do I get my Me-Mover serviced?

For minor repairs, customers can use the online user manual as an instruction guide. To get a list of repairs that you can do at home, please find the relevant section in the Contents on page 2. If there is something you cannot fix, please get in contact with either Me-Mover at support@me-mover.com.au or your dealer.

In the case of major breakage or damage to the frame or main parts, you must contact us at support@me-mover.com.au or your local dealer for further instruction and direction. We will handle each repair individually.

Will the tyres wear out?

As any other vehicle you will need to change tyres once in a while. The wear is similar to a bicycle tyre.

What should the tyre pressure be?

5 bars, or 72.5 PSI. Always look at the tyres for recommended tyre pressure.

How do I assemble my Me-Mover when I receive it? How do I repair & maintain it?

We have an in-depth online user manual with video assembly tutorials as well as in-depth guidelines on maintenance & reparations. Visit the How-to Support Page of Me-Mover Australia to access these resources.

How do I make a warranty claim?

The contact person for the warranty claims is the dealer from whom the Me-Mover was purchased. If purchased in the Me-Mover Australia web-shop, please contact Me-Mover Australia directly via support@me-mover.com.au

How do I register my Me-Mover?

You can do that online. Go to the registration page and enter the information required.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, every purchased Me-Mover comes with a two year warranty, covering frame and fabrication errors. Warranty does not cover normal wear and wear parts. You can read the warranty conditions in our online Me-Mover user manuals.

Safety Information

Have Me-Movers been tested?

Yes, the Me-Movers have been thoroughly tested, in lab and in real life usage. We have a test rig where the transmission has been tested for 2 years of simulated real life usage at maximum force without breakdowns or service.

Furthermore, we have carried out several lab tests that confirm the Me-Mover activates a whole range of muscles at once: upper and lower legs, glutes, core, lower back, arms (forearms, triceps, biceps) and pectoral muscles. It has also been proven that Me-Moving is incredibly low impact on the ankles, knees, hips and spine, ideal for recovering injuries.

Is it safe?

Yes. The three wheel design makes it a stable device. It is safer than for instance a bicycle since A) You are driving it in an upright position, and have far better overview of the surroundings and traffic. B) You can easily get off the Me-Mover, even when in motion. There is no frame hindering the motions of the legs/ feet, and C) it is three wheeled, which makes it safer to drive when wet than a normal bicycle and less prone to topple over.

Will the stepping movement have any effect on my knees?

The ergonomic stepping motion is very gentle on the knees, and great for someone recovering from knee injury. Although Me-Moving is a high intensity workout, the soft landing protects your joints, and has less impact than even walking!

Do I need to wear a helmet?

We advise all riders to wear a helmet. Depending on the state you live in, you may be legally obligated to wear a helmet. Please check your local road laws before riding your Me-Mover.


I can't find my country in the check-out process on your web shop!

If your country is not listed on the web shop and you are interested in buying a Me-Mover please get in touch with us directly at sales@me-mover.com.au

My order is incomplete, what now?

If your order arrives without specific accessories, this might be due to the following reasons: either they got lost, forgotten or are out of stock. If an accessory is out of stock, we will make an update. If we are unable to provide you with the accessory, you will either be given a store credit or a refund. Please note that accessories that are part of a bundle offer will only be compensated with store credit. The store credit can be used for shipping fees or on the Me-Mover Australia web shop.

What if my Me-Mover arrives damaged?

In general, we kindly ask you to report any suspicious damage that you might see on the box immediately to the courier and get written proof. If the damages occurred during transportation, we need you to report it straight away. If the box is in good condition and you discover damages on your Me-Mover, please contact support@me-mover.com.au right away and we will have it solved as soon as possible. If you can attach some photos of the damage to your Me-Mover and the packaging, that would really help us out too!

The shipment is late - now what?

Because it is a logistical challenge to ship all units worldwide, we coordinate and plan our logistics very carefully. The box is heavy and bulky, which is the main cause for the relative high shipping prices. For that reason, shipments are consolidated and shipped in the most cost effective manner, mostly by ground services. We cannot guarantee a rock solid shipment date but we can provide you with estimations based on the latest events. E.g. If a container is stuck in the harbour due to port congestion or customs have withheld shipments for inspections, we cannot influence this. We will however be as transparent and informative as possible with constant updates.

Can I cancel my shipment once it is in transit?

No. Unfortunately once an order has shipped we are unable to cancel it.

When do I get my shipment?

Most shipping within Australia will arrive within 1-10 business days and tracking information will be provided to you upon dispatch. For all pre-ordered products please contact info@me-mover.com.au for the latest update.

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