Matt's Me-Mover Journey

I’ve always liked being outdoors, especially on anything with wheels…. this my Me-Mover journey.

When I was 25 years old, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. Four surgeries later and twenty years older, I found myself bed ridden yet again for over two months with another ruptured disk.

I had also put on weight, slowly creeping from 95kgs through to a large 120kgs. After more surgery I began rehab. I loved running and mountain bike riding but my body wouldn’t put up with it any more. I was getting out and walking 5km every day but I wasn’t losing weight and ended up miserable.

One day while looking at new inventions on the web, I came across a Me-Mover, it looked like fun and intrigued me. So, I dug deeper and learned about the physical benefits of Me-Moving and I became very interested. I followed the crowd funding and development on KICKSTARTER and having gathered a lot more information, I decided to bite the bullet and purchased two Me-Movers.

When they arrived, my wife Emma and I immediately set them up and off we went for our first ride. Well, to say we had fun was an understatement, we both loved it and traveled much further than we anticipated. Expecting to pull up very sore the next day, to my amazement my muscles felt “worked” but not sore, and I could feel it had really given my stomach muscles and torso a good work out too without any strain on my back.

I started riding 6 days a week, my back felt good, I felt energised and I was losing weight too! Both of us were feeling great, so we added a healthy weight loss diet to our program at Christmas time and by July the following year I had lost (still can’t believe it myself!) a massive 34kgs and Emma had lost 20kgs.

I’m not saying it wasn’t hard work, but the exercise from the Me-Movers and dieting was smashing it, and getting results like this made it much easier to continue. I was now 84kgs, which I hadn’t weighed since I was 15 years old.

I really believe in the Me-Mover and I am committed to teaching the benefits. They are not a toy, not a gimmick, they are proven professional fitness machines, and I am living proof of the benefits.

What's your Me-Mover journey? We'd love to share your story so email us with the details!

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