Where to ride your Me-Mover in... Sydney!

We previously shared some of the best places to ride your Me-Mover in and around Adelaide... and this month it is Sydney's turn! With the weather improving here in Australia, what better excuse to get outdoors & get fit with some high-intensity, low-impact exercise.

And if you don't have a Me-Mover, don't worry, these trails are also suitable for walking or bike riding too.

Grand Drive, Centennial Park

The 3.8km trail that encircles Centennial Park is perfect for riders at all levels of expertise. There is even a cycle path dedicated to learners, making it a perfect spot to cycle with kids. There are also amenities and BBQ facilities if you wanted to make a day of it.

The bike path is flat, free from cars and allows you to safely circuit Centennial Park and access all of the main entry and exit points. Plus the scenery is simply stunning!

The Bay Run, Iron Cove

A shared use trail for walkers and cyclists running 7km along the shores of Iron Cove. It is a loop so you will end up back where you started, or do a couple of loops if you're feeling really keen.

This trail passes through nine parks, including Callan, Leichhardt and King George. It also goes right by a couple of outdoor fitness stations with body weight machines that facilitate mobility and strength training, if you want to get more out of your workout. The bike path never veers more than 20 metres from the water, so the views are glorious and in the middle of the bay, just off Birkenhead Point, is Rodd Island. Download a map of this and other nearby walking and cycling routes from the Inner West Council website.

Lady Carrington Drive, Royal National Park

If you're looking to get out of the city and spot some wildlife on your Me-Mover adventure, be sure to check out Lady Carrington Drive in the Royal National Park. Located just a short drive south of Sydney, Lady Carrington Drive follows the Hacking River upstream and offers birdwatching, three pretty picnic areas and plenty of history to explore.

Originally a carriage route, this trail is now only open to walkers and cyclists and is 10km one way. The track is a1-2 hour ride so be sure to organise a car pick up at the other end, chain your bike and take a walk on the Forest Path or allow enough time to turn around and ride back to where you started.

TIP: Keep your eyes peeled for lyrebirds, lace monitors and echidnas and stop at Palona Brook for a detour to a nearby cave.

Bay-to-Bay, Cooks River, Sydney

A highly popular shared use path in Sydney, this epic 23km route meanders along the Cook River from Settlers Park in Ryde all the way to Botany Bay. Mainly off the road the Bay-to-Bay path has a flat surface and is clearly marked and easy to follow. It leads to many popular local destinations and focal points, including town centres, railway stations, many attractive parks, reserves and a range of recreation and sporting amenities. There are plenty of cafes to stop at for coffee, snacks or lunch and there are even a few playgrounds if that's your thing.

Overall it is scenic, quiet and safe ride - great for the whole family. And don't forget, if 23km is too much for one day, you can tackle it in sections.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, Narrabeen

The 8.4km Narrabeen Lagoon Trail was completed in 2015 and features lots of native bush & wildlife, as well as some truly scenic views. It is a well-formed track with no steps or stairs, making it not-only perfect for your Me-Mover but also pram and wheelchair accessible. Allow two to three hours to complete the loop at walking pace.

Following the shoreline provides opportunities to spot black swans and fishing bats or just soak up the various ecosystems from shallow seagrass meadows to coastal salt marsh and swamp oak forest. There's also an abundance of cultural heritage and historic sites along the loop.

Have you checked out any of these trails? Which one was your favourite or did we miss one? Let us know by heading to our Facebook page.

Melbourne stay tuned... you're up next!

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