PT Program Terms & Conditions

  1. The Personal Trainer (PT) will be offered use of two Me-Movers for the period of one calendar month.

  2. Me-Movers will need to be collected from and returned to Edwardstown, South Australia on the agreed dates.

  3. The PT will be required to sign documentation prior to or on collection of the Me-Movers.

  4. Any clients/customers who ride the Me-Mover will need to sign a waiver the first time they ride and these waivers are to be returned to Me-Mover Fitness Australia at the termination of the PT’s hire.

  5. The PT will be issued a unique promotional code and will be paid a $200 AUD commission for every Me-Mover sold using their code.

  6. Your client will receive a $100 discount off the purchase price for using your promotional code when ordering via our website.

  7. The PT will be provided with access to resources and marketing materials they can use to promote their Me-Mover PT Sessions.

  8. The PT agrees that any social media posts regarding the Me-Mover are able to be shared by Me-Mover Fitness Australia.

  9. On return of the Me-Movers, the PT will be able to go on a wait list to re-hire again in a future month or can purchase new Me-Movers at a discounted price.

  10. The PT Program is currently only available to Adelaide PT’s (nearby SA locations available on negotiation).

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